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22 Inspirational Jack 'O Lanterns

Dragons, pirates, ghosts, ghouls, movie stars, muppets -- Jack 'o lanterns come in all types of sizes, carvings and styles. Here are some of my favorites from around the web -- so go on, get your carve on! Add your favorite pumpkin pictures in our Jack 'O Lantern Forum.

  1. Ghoul Quartet Pumpkin
    A quartet of smiling ghouls. Or are they ghosties?

  2. Boylan Heights Pumpkin Glow
    Be sure to hone your carving skills for Halloween's Pumpkin Glow, when neighbors take their lit jack-o-lanterns to the Boylan Heights bridge after trick-or-treating.

  3. Ghosts!
    Another classic Halloween haunter, ghosts range from the terrifying to the friendly, and they always make for a nice Jack 'O Lantern.

  4. Pirate!
    Ahoy and avast! Pirates have infiltrated, now give me all your candy, argh!

  5. Mind Meld
    The pumpkin palette really frees you up from reality. I love pumpkins with one shape morphing into another.

  6. Cthulu (and friend)
    A lighter take on Cthulu, with a mean looking friend. H.P. Lovecraft stories are a greta place to look for carving inspiration.

  7. Classic Evil Spider
    What's scarier than a creepy, crawly, spider?'

  8. Treat or Treat
    Is there anything that says Halloween like Trick or Treaters?

  9. Evil Clown
    Clowns. Lot's of people are scared of clowns.

  10. A scary tree, a headless man, a haunted house
    Three classic haunting themes make three stellar pumpkins.

  11. Jollyfish Pumpkin
    The Pastafarian Jollyfish as a jack-o-lantern.

  12. Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz
    This one looks like it was carved with template, but it's a nice piece of craftwork.

  13. Cylon Pumpkin
    Is there anything scarier than a cylon? Learn to make your own at Evil Mad Scientist's Lab.
  14. Devilish Pumpkin
    Horned things generally make for good Jack 'O Lantern fodder..
  15. Nice Kitty
    A black cat crossing your path? Now that's scary!'

  16. More Boylan Heights Pumpkin Glow
    More photos from the same event.

  17. Bodhnath Eyes Pumpkin
    Yes, It is a Jack O'Lantern, modeled on the Svayambhunath Stupa eyes in Bodhnath, Kathmandu.

  18. Wrathful Bhuddist Pumpkin
    This is Mahakala. Or is it T'hröma Nakmo? Or Dorje Drollö? One of those wrathful folks. Also by Nancy Grant.

  19. Bats!
    A classic Halloween haunter, the bat makes an elegant, and still scary Jack 'O Lantern.

  20. Big Bird and the Gang
    Here's one for the kids. This one also looks like it was carved with a template, but it's still a nice piece of craftwork.

  21. Flames
    There's something sort of postmodern about a carved flame lit by a candle. Included in this list for its 'meta' factor.

  22. Skull
    It's not even lit up and that's a pretty evil looking pumpkin. Skulls are classic Jack 'O Lantern material.

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