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Lisa 03-22-2008 10:17 AM

Hi All
I Live in Central Jersey.
Am about ready to start planting my vegetable garden about April 15th.
Been growing all my plants indoors in a huge fish aquarium and self made hot house. Of course for starters I'm growing my good ole Jersey Tomatoes (about 5 different kinds) Peppers (every color of the rainbow), Corn, Melons, Eggplant, Brussels Sprouts, Snow Peas, Beans And Cucumbers. I prefer organic gardening as much as possible so I look forward to sharing any tips or giving any.
Nice to meet you all.
Lisa :D

smgardener 03-22-2008 11:50 AM

Welcome Lisa! Glad to have you here. Please post photos of your indoor growing setup! Sounds great!

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